Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Why We Do What We Do

The New York Times paints a vivid picture of the human impacts of climate change in the Sundarban Islands of India. I encourage you to read it all, but here's a sample:

"Mr. Mandal stood in his yard and pointed to the water. In his mind’s eye, he could still see the two islands that have already sunk into the sea. And there, he said, on what was then the outer edge of Ghoramara, was his old house, and the paddies and the vegetable patch he had cultivated with his own hands. Now there is only water."

Similar stories can be found around the world. Carbon Clear is committed to helping companies and individuals tackle climate change. We will help you calculate your carbon footprint, find ways to reduce your emissions, and source carbon credits to balance out the rest.

At Carbon Clear, our aim is to protect more than the climate. We make it a point to invest in carbon-reducing projects that improve the quality of life in developing countries - helping many of the people most at risk from climate change.

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