Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Warning from Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti is a frightening omen of what could happen in the future with climate change disasters.

Numerous studies have shown how the world's poorest will suffer disproportionately from climate change.  The increased likelihood of storms, floods, and desertification with resulting damage and destruction to homes, farms and lives leads to even greater suffering through future food shortages, famine and disease.

Compare Haiti, a poor country to a rich earthquake-prone region like California.  In California an earthquake of a similar magnitude on the Richter scale led to fewer than 100 deaths.  Haiti by contrast may suffer up to 100,000 deaths.

Once the world helps the people of Haiti get back on their feet, let's not forget the other poor countries that are extremely vulnerable to  future climate change disasters.  We can make sure that resources are available to help the poorest people in the most vulnerable parts of the world.

Carbon Management Consultant Suzy Hodgson will be joining Carbon Clear's blog team.  This is her first post.