Thursday, 30 April 2009

Eurostar celebrates two years of 'Tread Lightly'

High-speed rail operator Eurostar on Monday celebrated the two-year anniversary of its 'Tread Lightly' environmental initiative, and issued a progress report on its five-year carbon reduction target.

In 2007, the company pledged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per passenger journey 25% by 2012.  At the same time, they embarked on a 10-point plan to reduce their other environmental impacts, and to make passenger journeys carbon neutral by offsetting the remaining CO2 emissions.

In the first two years of 'Tread Lightly', Eurostar has exceeded their carbon reduction target, achieving a 31% reduction through increased passenger numbers and a switch to lower-carbon electricity sources.  While the company expects per passenger emissions to increase slightly due to a recession-linked fall in passenger numbers, they have nevertheless raised their overall emission reduction target, to 35% by 2012.  As CEO Richard Brown notes, "This is challenging and requires significant investment of resources."

Eurostar's initiative is notable for its dual approach - they have pledged to reduce and offset, and are delivering tangible, verifiable results on both fronts.

Carbon Clear is proud to be Eurostar's carbon credit provider for the offset component of 'Tread Lightly'.  As a business, Eurostar has offset more than 70% of the unavoidable emissions attributable to their operations.  Their partnership focused approach has been a good match to our own, where we work together to support carbon projects that deliver robust, additional emissions reductions while helping communities in poorer countries make the transition to a low-carbon future.