Tuesday, 5 December 2006

A Carbon Clear Winter

One of the easiest ways to slash your household carbon emissions is to switch to a green electricity provider, and we urge all our customers to make the switch. For the average household, that's 1.4 tonnes taken care of.

Next comes your gas emissions, all 3.9 tonnes. Some moves, like turning down your thermostat and insulating your house can save you money and reduce some emissions by a few percent. But let's face it - it can get cold in winter. Three-fourths of the UK's natural gas use occurs during the colder months, and it will be difficult to do without heat and hot water this winter.

At Carbon Clear, we don't think fighting climate change means you have to sit in the cold and the dark. We urge people to reduce what emissions they can at home, and use offsets to cancel out any unavoidable climate pollution that remains. Our household gas offset helps people who've already made the switch to green electricity enjoy a Carbon Clear winter.

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