Monday, 6 November 2006

Climate Change: Simple Things You Can Do

Newspapers are full of articles about the Stern Report on the costs of climate change. The headlines focus on the bad news - that left unchecked, climate change impacts could throw us into a global recession.

But there is some good news in the 700 page report, too. Here's how UK Environment Minister David Milliband sees it:

"The second half of his message is that the technology does exist, the financing, public and private, does exist, and the international mechanisms also exist to get to grips with this problem."

What can you do to help? We've talked about a lot of quite painless measures before (scroll down the blog to see the details):

- Switch to a green electricity supplier (save 1.4 tonnes of CO2);
- Switch off any appliances that are on standby (save 0.35 tonnes and £45);
- Install a wind turbine and run your electric meter in reverse;
- Drive at 65mph instead of 75mph on the highway (save 0.20 tonnes and £80);
- Try to work from home one day each month (save 0.10 tonnes and £40).

These measures can reduce total emissions by over 20%, and save you money. For those activities you can't avoid, there's an offset package from Carbon Clear. If you make some basic reductions at home, you can save enough money to offset the rest and still come out ahead.

We will invest in outside emissions reductions to balance out your unavoidable climate change pollution. Our projects reduce emissions while improving the quality of life in some of the developing country communities most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

So go climate-neutral today - by doing what you can at home and by clearing the rest with a Carbon Clear package.

(Carbon Clear Homepage)