Friday, 6 October 2006

What Difference Can One Person Make?

Climate change is a huge problem. Global, in fact. It's easy to think that one person can't make much of a difference.

Easy, but wrong.

Global warming is happening because of the individual decisions each of us make every day. Our individual actions, summed up, got us where we are, and they can help solve this problem, too.

Carbon Clear was formed to help bring people together to tackle climate change. We pool the resources and brainpower of our individual supporters who want to scale up their carbon-reduction efforts.

Our fixed costs as a company rise much slower than our project-related expenses. This means that the more individual supporters we get, the greater the share of money we can put into work on the ground.

At present, nearly 70% of every penny we bring in goes directly to carbon reduction projects that improve local livelihoods. Most of the rest goes to identifying new projects, communicating with our customers, and growing the movement of people who work with us to solve this problem.

Each individual and company who joins us makes our work even more effective. We'd be thrilled if you could help us make a difference.

(Link to Carbon Clear website)